Future is Now

Future is Now

Future is Now, not Tomorrow. Future is the Present I want to Experience.

Imagination is where it is created, and it is 'in the now'. When I experience it 'in the now', I am already living the future. I feel it now, I mind it now. I can fine tune it, I can dream it: I Live the Future.

Mindfulness Meditation is a way to experience it, well. Combined with Awareness Meditation, I can create and live a lasting positive future, wisely unlocking my full Potential.

I am a three-part whole: Body (brain, senses, nerves, organs/cells, immune / endocrine, systems, bones), Mind (conscious mind: thinking, reasoning; and subconscious mind: beliefs, attitudes, emotions; will) and Soul / spirit (meaning, purpose, love).

Cohesion can be brought in waves. Add resonance and cohesion shall last. Energy is necessary for cohesion, though not enough: the same way it is necessary for Life to feed on negative entropy contributions from our Sun. It is then associated with both sense and purpose: it breeds my sense of Purpose. It drives me toward a satisfying future.

YOU and ME, YOUs and WE.
We Are ValuE WAVE.

I hope you enjoyed your reading, and may you wish, please add your comment. You’re always welcome to share your thought, whatever.

All the best

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